How well you feel, think, communicate, and act is based on your vibration, which can be managed at the Quantum level to enhance your performance.

This tutorial comes with a guided session.

About The Tutorial: How to self-heal?

In today's world, with ever-increasing demands on our time and energy, it's more important than ever to take care of our bodies and minds. Regular holistic healing and empowerment can help us to stay proactive in meeting these demands, by keeping us physically and mentally healthy.

We are a mass of condensed energy in a dynamic state. This mass of dynamic energy combined with information such as belief systems, empowering & disempowering values, emotional likes & dislikes, mental focus, desires, and fear, create an identity for an individual. This identity is programmed consciously and unconsciously through lifetime learning and experiences, that create a distinctive vibration or signature unique to that individual. When in harmony, this personal vibration aligns with all mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions, resulting in a stronger and more vibrant energetic existence. In summary, this energetic signature determines how well you feel, think, and perform.

Eliminate your stress, aches, and pain by restoring your personal vibration with Quantum Technology.

In this tutorial you will learn and undergo:

In this tutorial you will learn and undergo: -

  • The Importance of Holistic Self-care and HealingAbout AFT Quantum Wellness Products
  • Natural Life-force Quantum healing for Aches and Pain
  • How to Reduce Stress & Anxiety
  • Increase your inner balance, Regain Positive Energy and motivation
  • Realign and restore your Energetic Signatures

This is a recording from a live webinar tutorial.

Plus, know the latest Quantum technology tools and get tips and tricks to help you get started on your journey to better health!

Guided session, participants are advised to use a headphone for better concentration.

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This is a guided program on how to self-heal and empower with AFT AMwand

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Your behavior is based on your personal vibration that can be consciously improved for peak performance.

Online Distant Healing

Learn how to perform distant or remote healing (online) with AFT Amwand

How to self-heal Tutorial
AFT Quantum Healing Tutorial

How to self-heal (cleanse, balance and rejuvenate) with AFT products?

Understand the basics of AFT Quantum Healing and its technology.

Online tutorial on how to heal and rejuvenate animals with AFT Amwand


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