AFT quantum healing facilitator certification

Unlock the Power of AFT Quantum Healing:

Become a Certified AFT Quantum Facilitator!

Are you passionate about Alternative and holistic Healing?

Do you have a desire to assist your loved ones on their healing journey?

Are you ready to make a positive impact on people's lives through the transformative practice of Energy Healing?

Discover the Healing Potential Within You!

In today's fast-paced world, where stress and physical exhaustion have become commonplace, the need for energy balance and holistic well-being has never been greater. Just as we prioritize fitness and relaxation at the gym or spa, it's time to embrace regular energy healing sessions to remove imbalances and restore vitality.

Discover the healing potential within you!

Introducing the AFT Facilitator Program: Your Gateway to Transformative Energy Facilitation!

Countless households are silently grappling with aches, pains, stress, and various health challenges, yearning for a healing touch. Be a professionally certified AFT Facilitator and help facilitate healing people as business service.

professionally certified AFT Facilitator Doing AFT healing

An AFT Facilitator is a professional holistic wellness practioner who is trained in the 10-step AFT Quantum Healing facilitation with the aid of the AFT Healing Kit. The multi-modality 10-Step AFT facilitation is the best and advance healing modality to facilitate healing in people regardsless of thier conditions.

As AFT Facilitator, you can provide a regualar energy cleansing & balancing to individuals for a fees, or provide healing and empowerment packages services. There are thousands of AFT Facilitator charging between USD 50 to USD 300 per 40-minute AFT Facilitation session.

The AFT Quantum Facilitator online training program is your opportunity to step into the realm of energy healing, making a profound difference in people's lives.

What Sets AFT Quantum Facilitator Training Apart?

  • Comprehensive Video-Based Tutorial Course.
  • Easy-to-follow modules provide essential knowledge and techniques.
  • Professional guidance for facilitating the 10-Step AFT Quantum Healing process.

Certification & Recognition:

  • International AFT Facilitator Certification upon completion.
  • Simple online questionnaires for each module to reinforce your learning
  • Online support and coaching for 3 months

🌐 Who Should Enroll?

This certification program is perfect for anyone with a keen interest in Energy Healing or Alternative Holistic Practice. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a beginner, the AFT Quantum Facilitator training equips you with the skills to make a positive impact.

📋 Pre-Qualification: Exclusive Access for AFT Healing Kit Owners!

This online course is a special offering for customers (and their nominated partners) who have invested in the AFT Healing Kit. As a bonus, every purchase of the AFT Healing Kit grants access to two individuals to enroll in this transformative online training.

📆 **Course Highlights:**

🕘 **Course Duration; 60 days to complete**

📘 **Comprehensive Workbook Provided**

🏫 **Engage in AFT Workshop Sessions*

📚 Workshop Outline:

AFT Facilitator Certification Outline:-

Module 1:

About the AFT Healing Kit

Contents of the AFT Healing Kit

About AFT Technology

Module 2:

Understanding the Human Energy System

Innate Healing Intelligence

Energetic Wellness

Module 3:

Quantum Healing

AFT Quantum Healing

How does it work?

Module 4:

Preparing for the 10-Step AFT Quantum Healing Facilitation

Step 1 & 2: Identify & Establish

Step 3: Energetic Hygiene protocol

Module 5:

Step 4 & 5: 7 Point Wanding

Step 6 & 7: Energy Release & Wanding with Affirmations

Step 8: Amwand Acupressure

Module 6:

Step 9 -10: Energetic Neurological Conditioning

Post Facilitation Briefing & Conclusion

Dos & Don'ts of AFT Facilitation

Each module comes with a set of questionnaires.

AFt healing kit
How AFT quantum healing works
10 Steps of AFT quantum healing

An AFT Facilitator Certificate is awarded upon successful completion.

Participants MUST attend a one-on-one online assessment with the AFT Master trainer before issuance of AFT Facilitator Certification

🚀 Embark on Your Journey as an AFT Quantum Facilitator!

Take the first step toward becoming a certified AFT Quantum Facilitator.

Be a AFT Quantum Facilitator


Amazing learning, science, and results. I finally found my inner calling.



AFT Facilitator

The 10-step multi-modality is the key to healing anyone with any issues. Well done!!!



AFT Facilitator

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