AFT Distant Healing

Are you seeking solutions for any of these challenges?

• Aches & pains, tiredness

• Low energy, low self-esteem, low motivation

• Anxiety, depression, emotional and mental stress

• Feeling troubled, confused, and stuck

• Chronic conditions affecting your health and vitality

• Lingering negative experiences

• Cultivating abundance, positive mindset, and inner joy

Improving Your  Health & well-being  with AFT Quantum  Wellness


Experience the Latest in AFT Quantum Wellness Distant Healing!

Unleash the Power of Life Force Energy!

Your life force is the greatest power in the universe, the underlying infrastructure of your being. Everything within and around you is energy. This vital force flows through interconnected meridian channels, regulating cell functions, and enabling rapid information flow, intelligence, healing, rejuvenation, and communication within your system.

At every moment, you resonate in an energetic state influenced by the balance of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical dimensions. This state of Energetic Wellness shapes the flow of energy, driving your behavior and manifesting your reality, whether illness, wellness, or results.

Harness Your Healing Powers!

We are all born with innate intelligence, an endless force working to restore us to the natural state of equilibrium. AFT Quantum Healing taps into this innate intelligence, using natural life force energy resonance to promote balance in the body, mind, and spirit. Our specialized AFT Quantum healing products facilitate alignment with universal life force energy, promoting cleansing, balancing, healing, and rejuvenation from within.

Unique Features of AFT Quantum Healing

AFT Quantum Healing is a distinctive form of holistic healing based on the principle of Quantum entanglement. It employs Quantum resonance tools to align you with the universal life force energy beyond your conscious mind. This energizing therapy expands your inner self, raising consciousness, awareness, confidence, and focus for transformative results in your life.

Why AFT Distant Healing?

Regular holistic distant healing with AFT enhances overall health and well-being, leading to improved performance in all aspects of life. Empower yourself, create positive actions, and achieve greater results with the following benefits:

  • Regularly cleanse, balance, and empower your energetic system.
  • Remove energetic distortions, blocks, and negative patterns.
  • Allow the abundant flow of life force energy.
  • Facilitate healing and rejuvenation.
  • Improve personal vibration and empowerment.

DURATION: 30 mins

Language: English

How does it work?

Your face and energetic state are unique signatures, much like your DNA. Our Distant Healing is facilitated over a video call, similar to speaking with someone globally via cellular networks that act as the bridge. This AFT Distant Healing, akin to sound and light therapy, is a form of vibrational energy medicine. Based on the Quantum entanglement theory, it allows Quantum energy and resonance to flow to the recipient anywhere in the universe.

TRY AFT Distant Healing Today!


Embark on a transformative journey with a 30-minute session at the

usual rate of USD 299.

However, for your first session, experience the incredible benefits

for just USD 9.

Limited time only!

Reclaim your well-being and transform your life with AFT Quantum Wellness Distant Healing!

  • Regularly cleanse, balance, heal and rejuvenate
  • Enhane your innate intelligence
  • Empower your epigenetic to enhance immunity

"Impressive content. Deep, practical, and highly engaging session. Never come across such a holistic approach to self-empowerment.

Mark Smith

Wellness Coach

Meet Your Host

Dr. Adnan APM, IMD, PhD.

Certified by and Member of AAMA (American Alternative Medical Association) and AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners)Professional Speaker/Trainer, Energetic Wellness Master Trainer, and ENC Master Trainer, Writer of Health and Wellness Articles and Blogs and has made some Educational videos. Currently authoring a book on Quantum Medicine.

  • AFT Quantum Energy Healing Master Consultant.
  • Director of International Business Development, AMwell Technologies, Singapore
  • Associate Director, AMwell Biotech India Pvt Ltd
  • Quantum Doctor (Integrative and Natural Medicine, Quantum Medicine, Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Mind Body Medicine)

Don't believe us, believe them

Very useful session essential for today's life. Great delivery. Love it!

Olivier Tang


I was thrilled by the depth of quantum healing when I attended the AFT healing session



Its a wonderful experience and everyone try once.

Shagufta Patel


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